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sukanto Kuri
Jul 16, 2022
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Specifically, the themes of folk paper-cut art are roughly as follows: 1. Themes of labor and life In the folk paper-cut art, ordinary people are the main creative group, and the subjects often choose familiar scenes of labor and life, such as crops, plants, sowing and harvesting. This way of using art forms to express scenes in life has been used more and more in graphic design. For example, the mascot of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Fuwa, the designer's inspiration comes from rich folk themes, combined with the images of people and animals, so that the shape of Fuwa has successfully attracted people's attention. This theme emphasizes the importance of harmonious coexistence Image Manipulation Service between man and nature, embodies the design concept of the unity of nature and man, and to a certain extent is also a true reflection of the working people's pursuit of beautiful things. 2. Auspicious meaning theme Auspicious meaning is also a common theme in folk paper-cut art. For example, jujube and lotus seeds represent early birth of precious sons, ribbons and knots represent eternal knots, and so on. In modern graphic design, in order to make their works more dynamic, designers often choose themes with auspicious meanings, so that the cultural concepts of the works can be fully expressed. Taking Holi Lay as an example, its moon cake packaging box draws on the auspicious meaning. The koi carp is attached to the surface of the box, representing the icing on the cake and the fish leaping over the dragon gate, which not only satisfies the customers' prayer needs, but also makes the moon cakes to a certain extent. The sales volume has increased significantly, and it has seized the opportunity in the fierce market competition. These creative themes with unique meanings not only make graphic design continue to innovate in design ideas and ways of thinking, but also attract the attention of the audience, and also play a deepening role in its theme.
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