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mamun 123
Jun 15, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
The expressive talents in the graphic age are the most valuable, and the performing talents in the short video live broadcast age are the most valuable. 2. Interaction is executive list greater than content I personally think that in the live broadcast room, we should talk less and do more. The so-called action is the interaction with the user. If we want to talk about the executive list ratio, I think it is three points and seven points. Just like the teacher's class, very few people can concentrate on listening to the teacher's 45-minute course, not to mention the teacher has to ask questions by name and set up quick answers. The most important point is that the live broadcast room is not face-to-face, but a mobile phone. If there are 500 people watching your live broadcast room executive list now, and everyone listens so seriously that everyone doesn’t say a word, no one pays executive list attention to the bullet screen, no one likes the animation, and when no one forwards it, do you think Does the anchor really have the confidence to broadcast it? Therefore, a truly popular live broadcast room must have valuable content + interesting expressions + frequent interaction to attract more people. After talking about this prerequisite, let's take a look at the basic means of promoting the live broadcast room. 3. Strengthen the sense of ritual executive list Some live broadcasts are not destined to have a lot of popularity, because the more you share, the weaker the user's motivation to forward, and people are actually selfish. This is also the reason why executive list talent anchors and drama-style live broadcast rooms are so popular. Even if it is really selling goods, it is necessary to pay attention to the combination of "exhibition, audition, performance, talk, and use", so that such a live broadcast room can be watched.
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mamun 123

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